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RE/MAX, short for Real Estate Maximums, is an American international real estate company operating through a franchise system. It was founded in 1973 by 2 real estate agents from Denver, Colorado, Dave and Gail Liniger with the idea of developing a new concept in real estate brokerage.
500 Agencies
4700 Agents


Established in 1988, today the Group is a leading real estate holding company. In addition to the franchisor, the Group includes services specific to and complementary to home brokerage.
600 Agencies
3000 Contributors


ESCP stands for "Ecole Supérieure de commerce de Paris" and is the world's first business school founded in Paris in 1819; it has as many as six locations scattered throughout Europe. It is recognized by the Ministry of University and Research as a foreign university in Italy.
10.000 Students
6 Campus


Axians is a market leader in the telecommunications and information security industry with expertise ranging from consulting and design to implementation and maintenance.
12.000 Employees
25 Countries in the world


The Istituto per il Credito Sportivo is an Italian public bank with autonomous management and registered office in Rome. Since 1957 it has financed 75 percent of Italy's sports facilities, while since 2005 the bank has expanded its sphere of operations, beginning to operate in the cultural heritage and activities sector as well.
210 Employees
42.000 Sports facilities funded


Monitor activities and organize your contacts

Through the TAC dashboard, the Company manages information from the entire team, digital SmartCards, analyzes performance, and enables the exchange of documentation and links.

Your team can access detailed statistics related to SmartCard usage and better manage their client portfolio in an intuitive and easy way.

What can you do?

TAC's dashboard is packed with advanced features, from managing the corporate network to managing individual team member information.

Managing your team

Coordinate your company's team quickly and easily by defining the profile details of each individual element.

Statistics and monitoring

The company has business statistics, filterable by individual employee, each time the profile is shared.

Link and document management

Each user can share links and documents, which can be edited in real time by app or webapp, deciding what I want to share and to whom.


The Smart Card for your Company

Say goodbye to paper business cards that wear out over time, have to be reprinted for any updates, and pollute.

With TAC's Smart Card you have one business card for each team member, with NFC and dynamic QRs, which when scanned allow you to access the user profile and start exchanging contacts, documents and links.

Share your a CT scan!

What can you do?

The Electronic Business Smart Card you have the ability to quickly, intuitively and digitally exchange contact information!

Scanning by QR

By scanning the QRcode on the Smart Card, the customer is redirected to your personal profile web page.

Scanning via NFC

Approaching the Smart Card on the back of the phone, via NFC technology, the customer is redirected to your personal profile web page.

Compatible with all devices

No need to install any app, customer will receive contact information on directly from mobile browser!


Create interactive profiles and
functional for your team

Each team member will have the ability to access his or her digital profile directly from the mobile app, downloadable IOs and Android, using the various features TAC offers.

You will be able to manage your profile links, share and download documents, scan clients' paper business cards with AI, and much more!

What can you do?

An easy and intuitive app to always have with you a perfect tool that can be customized according to the client you meet.

Profile Sharing

Ability to share the profile via link, QRcode, SMS or Email, even without taking the Smart Card out of your pocket!

Sharing of contacts

Ability to exchange acquired contacts with other team or company members quickly and efficiently.

Management of links or documents

You can upload as many links or documents as you want, associating with your card only those needed at the time of sharing.

Convinced? Start your adventure with TAC now!

Do good for the environment

Take your company into the future and lower its environmental impact!

No more waste

Become a paperless company and save tons of paper each year!

1 subscription, 1 tree

Recycled PETG plastic

Where can I use CT?

Discover some examples of real use cases where TAC has made a difference for companies that have chosen us!

They say about us

Some articles about us.

"TAC is the Roman start-up founded by under-30s that offers companies and freelancers an innovative way to store and manage information."
The messenger
"A website and app for secure, environmentally sustainable and smart businesses."
Evening Correiere
"Roberto and Riccardo, two of TAC's founders are among the young U30 venture capital sector"
"Goodbye business cards, here comes the smartcard and it's just a click away."
The 24-hour Sun
"Green and digital, TAC reinvents business cards."
"Business card goes digital. Also to streamline business work processes."
Milan Finance
"TAC closes its first year with more than 350 client companies and with the hiring of 4 new resources all under 30, like most of the startup's staff. Numbers that allowed the two co-founders, Edoardo Costa Head of Sales and Matteo Saltarello COO, to focus on strengthening and development."


Is the smart card customizable?

The smart card can be personalized on the entire surface, both front and back.

Does the person I interface with have to download an application?

No, approaching the card behind the NFC-enabled phone or scanning the QRcode on the back will open a web page where a number of operations can be performed:

  • Download the contact directly to the address book
  • Accessing links
  • Download documents
  • Send information
Does the smart card work on all phones?

Yes, on all phones that are at least 6 years old and have NFC built in. If the phone is more than 6 years old, simply scan the QRcode on the back of the card.

Is it possible to share my profile without a SmartCard?
What material is the smart card made of?

The Smart Card is made of PETG, a 100% recycled and recyclable plastic.

How can I edit my data?

By accessing from the app (Ios and Android) or the web, users can directly edit their contact information, documents and links. Each time a change is made, the Smart Card is automatically updated.

Do I need the company's permission to change my data?

The company can decide whether the user edits his or her profile independently or whether each change request goes through the supervisor.

What is different between the Supervisor and Normal profiles?

The company has a Dashboard to manage and edit employee profiles. There will be one or more ADMIN (Supervisor) profiles within the organization that will have access to individual employee information, statistics related to Smart Card activity, and contacts captured.

How do you acquire paper business cards?

Within the app, simply by photographing the paper business card through the app's OCR. The app recognizes all the information and creates a digital profile in CT. The profile can then be exported to the personal address book. All profiles captured by employees can be shared with a single click to the company, which via a CSV file has the ability to do a bulk export of generated leads.

What kind of statistics does the supervisor display from the business panel?

The statistics are business-like, the supervisor has the ability to view with respect to the individual employee:

  • How many contacts he acquired;
  • How many times he shared the profile;
  • How many times the profile was actually saved;
  • How many documents did you share

Do you just want a smart card?