A Smart Card

simply unique!

The paper


Scanning by QR

When a customer scans the QR on the card they are redirected directly to your profile Web page.

Scanning via NFC

When a customer puts their smartphone with active NFC against your smart card, they are redirected directly to your profile page.

Compatible with all devices

No need to install external apps, the client will access data and functionality directly from the mobile browser!

Do you want to start by trying a Card?

Order without subscription our Smart Card with basic functions

  • Enter the order
  • Get the card
  • Complete the profile
  1. Enter the order
  2. Get the card
  3. Complete the profile

Contactless Business Card

Try NFC technology to transmit your contact directly to your address book

Choose the color

19,99 €
12.99 one-time

Do you want Cards customized without Business functions?

Our graphics department will
will propose three ad hoc proposals
for your brand, without subscription.

  1. Enter the order
  2. Fill out the form
  3. Choose graphics
  4. Get the card
  5. Complete profiles
49,99 €
39.99 one-time
  • Enter the order
  • Fill out the form
  • Choose graphics
  • Receive cards
  • Complete profiles

What else can I do with TAC?

TAC's dashboard is extremely rich in advanced features from business network management to team management.


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