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TAC was created with the idea of helping companies achieve digitization and sustainability goals in a simple and functional way through digitization of the paper business card and an analytical and management Dashboard developed specifically for Companies.

Where we started

Where we are now

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They say about us

Some articles about us.

"TAC is the Roman start-up founded by under-30s that offers companies and freelancers an innovative way to store and manage information."
The messenger
"A website and app for secure, environmentally sustainable and smart businesses."
Evening Correiere
"Roberto and Riccardo, two of TAC's founders are among the young U30 venture capital sector"
"Goodbye business cards, here comes the smartcard and it's just a click away."
The 24-hour Sun
"Green and digital, TAC reinvents business cards."
"Business card goes digital. Also to streamline business work processes."
Milan Finance
"TAC closes its first year with more than 350 client companies and with the hiring of 4 new resources all under 30, like most of the startup's staff. Numbers that allowed the two co-founders, Edoardo Costa Head of Sales and Matteo Saltarello COO, to focus on strengthening and development."

Where we want to go

Our team

We put our faces on it!

Roberto Sfoglietta

President & Co-Founder

Edoardo Costa

Head of Sales
& Co-Founder

Riccardo Angioli

CEO & Co-Founder

Matteo Saltarello

COO & Co-Founder

Elena Soriano

Customer Sucess

Aron Marinescu


Stefania Filippi

Graphic Designer