Monitor activities and organize your team

Oversee your company's activity with charts in Dashboard and organize contacts acquired by the team in a centralized address book.



Some of the most frequently used features within the business panel.

Managing your team

Coordinate your company's team quickly and easily by defining the profile details of each individual element.

Statistics and monitoring

The company has business statistics, filterable by individual employee, each time the profile is shared.

Link and document management

Directly from the Dashboard add links or documents to one or more users. In real time you update all profiles and their respective smart cards.

Virtual Background

Sharing acquired contacts

Management of departments/departments

Create structured teams divided into departments or departments so you always have a hierarchical view of your employees.

Supervisor Access

Manage and certify employees from a Supervisor account with Admin powers by approving change requests.

Employee access

Employees will have a version of the dashboard with features dedicated to them. Each profile will be able to have read-only or write-only permissions.

Customization of links

Each employee will have the ability to customize their own links, including social links(Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram).

What else can I do with TAC?

Smart business card

Personalize the smart card 100% with company logo and colors. Share your profile by bringing the smart card close to your phone or scanning the QR Code.

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Mobile App

Edit the employee's profile directly from the Dashboard. Lock all profiles to not allow changes independently.

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